About Us

Let’s introduce ourselves: the youth fraternisation

By now, almost everyone knows that Maldegem is fraternised with four foreign communities: Adria (Italy), Ermont (France), Lampertheim (Germany) and Swidnica (Poland). But perhaps it is less well-known that the Maldegem youth is also fully involved in and committed to this fraternisation with the foreign partners. They also entertain ties with Wierden (The Netherlands).
The Youth Fraternisation Committee Maldegem, abbreviated to JVC, is an enthusiastic group of about 30 young people, of 15 years or older, who come into contact with their peers of the fraternised communities in a spontaneous way.

A brief history

The youth fraternisation originated from the youth council. In this youth council a work group fraternisation was founded and this work group evolved into a real association. The Youth Fraternisation Committee originated as a completely seperate entity and still is up until today. Even though information is shared with the adult branch of the fraternisation, activities are completely separate, as the youth wants to do things by themselves. Besides, is this not a nice way of thinking when people keep complaining that young people do nothing.

What does the youth fraternisation actually do? What do the youth organise for their peers in the partner communities?

More than you would think! Each year there are several exchange activities both in our own community and in the partner cities. During these activities, the youth from the different cities gather during weekends in which we make fun and to know each other better. If these activities take place in Maldegem, it is also the goal of the JVC to emphasis the contact with the population of Maldegem. To ensure this, every year, we organise a quiz, a bicycle ride with food and drinks and even a whole weekend with an evening with regional beers and a party for the community of Maldegem, together with our foreign guests.
We also offer our members the opportunity to cooperate with the community. Because our emphasis is on fraternisation, we want to gather regularly with our members. Hence, we meet monthly to plan our activities, go out together regularly in Maldegem and do at least one teambuilding activity a year, which is most of the time a weekend stay in the Ardennes.